Save Time & Energy: How to Batch Your Content

We’ve given out free content calendars, and shared tips for posting consistently, now let’s dive into how to batch your content.

If you aren’t already doing this… trust us, batching your content will allow you to maintain a consistent brand voice, stay true to your goals, and be really purposeful about the big picture of your content plan. Not to mention, batching content helps you save time, stay consistent, and improve your overall workflow.

Grab your favorite tea or coffee and write these simple 5 steps down:

Save Time & Energy: Batch Your Content
  1. Pick a date
  2. Strategy
  3. Research
  4. Create
  5. Schedule

Batch Your Content Tip #1: Pick a Date

Active & consistent social media allows you to stay relevant to your audience & connect on a more personal level. So, let’s start with selecting a date each week/month to work on batching content. Create a routine that works for you. Whether that looks like every morning after you check in clients or once a week.

Be realistic with your time. If you start off with something that is beyond your energy and time, then you are already setting yourself up for failure. Start small if you need to and work your way up. But you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Batch Your Content Tip #2: Strategy

Know your audience. Who are you talking to? Who are you trying to reach? Know your content pillars. What types of topics are you talking about? Set campaigns. What call-to-actions or promotions are you wanting to share? Be specific in your strategy.

Batch Your Content Tip #3: Research

Look up information on your pillars, topics, and campaigns. People go to social media for entertainment, but also to find value. Think about how you are reading this blog post now, you are looking for free, valuable information. How can you best share valuable information when creating your social media plan? Make sure you spend that extra time to research how to best share your information.

Batch Your Content Tip #4: Create

You’ve set aside the time, you have your strategy in place, you’ve researched how best to community your content and know your audience, now you can dive in and write your captions, gather/take photos for your posts, and create graphics.

Batch Your Content Tip #5: Schedule

Schedule out your content & enjoy!

Now you can focus on all the other aspects of your work! Or, if this still feels like too much or you don’t know how to create pillars, know your audience, etc. we are here for you!

Our team specializes in researching how to best reach your target audience, what trends to follow and implement, and most importantly, we lean on the data to see what’s working and what we need to adjust.