Goodbye October, Hello November! PS. Enjoy this FREE Content Calendar!

It may be Halloween, but we’re already looking ahead to November! We love a fresh, new start with each month. Over the last week, we’ve been working hard to batch out as much content as possible through November and December. Batching content isn’t new for us, but we may have been working extra hard because Jorden (Founder & CEO of Kachemak Communications) is getting ready to have baby number two any day!

That being said, we thought you might enjoy November’s free content calendar for your own planning & batching purposes!

November Content Ideas. A free November social media content calendar in white text with blue background.

One of the biggest struggles we hear time and time again is not knowing what to post. Does this sound familiar? We totally get it! When you’re busy running a business and wearing all the hats… it can be hard to sit down and figure out what content you should be sharing on social. Don’t worry, that’s why we are here! And that’s why we’ve created a free social media content calendar for the month of November!

Benefits of using a social media calendar

If you’re working to maintain a consistent online presence, it can be difficult to keep up with new ideas of what to share. Especially when balancing all the other aspects of running a business, social media can be tricky to keep up with. Knowing this (and experiencing it ourselves) we’ve worked as a team to plan out our clients’ social media. In doing so we’ve found we are:

  • Our team is more organized
  • We don’t miss deliverables for social media posting
  • Have more consistent and connected messaging
  • Have the ability to zoom out on the overall messaging for our clients
  • Save time

How to use a social media content calendar

We have worked to ensure our social media content calendar is customizable for any business/brand. If you haven’t figured out your branding yet, or are unsure what it is, check out our blog post explaining all things branding here! That being said, take the prompts we’ve laid out and add in a photo, video/reel and write out your brand’s answer to each prompt. In doing so, you’ll find that over time you will have a better understanding of how to share different aspects of your brand on social media. You will also see what type of content your audience reacts and engages to, helping you build a stronger connection with your online community.

Remember that the goal of building an online presence is to help people understand and recognize your brand, build a connection and relationship with them, and hopefully funnel them to become lifelong customers.

If this blog post was helpful, you may enjoy our post on Developing and Maintaining an Online Presence. Let us know what you think!

If you use this content calendar, let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear from you!