How To Kick Start Your Instagram Journey

For some of us, we are years into our Instagram journey. If you’re like us, maybe it’s a fun challenge that you enjoy learning more about and tweaking your strategy to keep up with the trends and algorithm changes. However, that’s not the case for everyone. One of our biggest requests for help is folks asking for help on how to get started on their own Instagram journey. So, this one’s for you!

As usual, we do our best to be direct and keep it simple. So let’s dive right in.

  1. Identify your brand voice and core message
  2. Determine your target audience
  3. Study the current market
  4. Build your content strategy
  5. Stay consistent
  6. Have fun!

Identify Your Brand Voice & Core Message

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How do you want your readers and audience to feel when they read your message? What are your brand’s values? I’m sure there are brands that you follow and have felt connected to. Their brand voice is probably consistent in their marketing messaging, and it’s something you feel like you align with. Keep. this in mind when you form your own brand’s core message and brand voice. Use your brand’s core message and brand voice while designing your content strategy and communicating with your audience.

Determine Your Target Audience

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Who does your brand dream of serving? Without knowing who your target audience is, you may not be able to build a successful social media branding strategy, at a minimum you will be wasting your time and resources.

Focus your efforts to connect with your target audience in your content strategy, allowing your strategy to be streamlined and more efficient.

Study the Current Market

One of the first things we do when bringing on a new client is market research. We study the competitors’ strategies to see what is working, and what isn’t working and better understand what we resonate with or don’t.

Build Your Content Strategy

You have your core message. You know who you’re talking to. You know how you want to talk to them. You have studied the market to leverage what is working and what isn’t. Now it’s time to dive in and build your own content strategy.

Keep a running list of new ideas, what’s working, and what isn’t working, and revisit this list each month to adjust your strategy accordingly. We’re all about finding ways. to move the needle forward and work more efficiently.

Stay Consistent

If there is one thing the algorithm consistently loves, it’s consistency. Lol. But really, be consistent with your posting schedule!

Be realistic about how often you can post and stick with it. Don’t overcommit and fail to show up because both your followers and the algorithm will notice and your rankings will fall.

Have Fun!

female hands with manicured nails holding a white phone and wearing a gold and green ring

If you’re not having fun while you’re creating content and posting, most likely your audience won’t have fun either. Make sure you step back and find ways to have fun with your Instagram journey!

Work with a Professional Team to Reach Your Goals

If you realize along your journey that you’re not able to reach your brand’s goals, or you’re wasting time with failed attempts to build your online presence, don’t be afraid of working with a seasoned team!

We know how quickly the Instagram platform is changing, making it difficult for small business owners to keep up. That’s why we offer social media management with proven growth for our clients.

Kachemak Communications successfully supports client growth by leveraging data.

Our social media strategy is customized based on analytics gathered from monthly social media reports for each client and platform. Yes, there is a little bit of science to [successful] social media.

If you’re struggling with growing your reach online, let’s connect!