Let’s Grow Together

Kachemak Communications loves connecting with our local community to help folks grow their businesses. Whether you are looking for someone to manage your social media marketing, help with your website, or want drone photos for your eco tourism lodge or a real estate listing, we’re here to help!

Strategic Communications

Kachemak Communications specializes in email marketing, cross-marketing with local businesses, and social media outreach to help you build customer relationships and grow your business.

Website Development & SEO

Over the years Kachemak Communications has developed, revamped, and maintained websites for various small businesses. We also help businesses with SEO, including keyword research & topic research. If you’re looking for someone to streamline your online marketing, Kachemak Communications is here to help you!

Drone Photo + Video

In 2021, Kachemak Communications got its Commercial Drone Pilot License. We are happy to now offer drone photo + video. We hope to serve our local community with new marketing opportunities, and feel that drone photography + video does that perfectly! Whether you are in real estate, own a lodge, or have a unique project, let’s connect!

Building Relationships

Kachemak Communications has organically grown over the past 10 years. We naturally gravitate towards helping small businesses bring their ideas to life. Just as we value the relationship built between Kachemak Communications & the small businesses we work with, we value the relationships we can build together in our community. Let’s work together & grow.